Centanni Cafe is a genuine Italian Restaurant owned by Fidel Alvarez, a Chef with over 20 year of experience in Italian cuisine. Alvarez got his start in the restaurant business at an Italian restaurant in Englewood, New Jersey, back in 1984. Over the next several years he made his way up the restaurant ladder becoming an expert in the culinary arts. His passion and high standards led him to earn a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Bergen Community College in New Jersey.

Motivated by his experience in the restaurant industry, Alvarez decided to start his own restaurant along with an Italian co-worker and named it “Centanni Restaurant”. The name derives from the proverb Per Cent’anni, a salute used in Italian celebrations to wish for a hundred years of happiness. The original Centanni Restaurant was first opened in 1999 in North Arlington, New Jersey. The success of this joint venture grew fast and promoted the opening of two more locations in Jersey. Soon after, more locations were opened across the state.   A few years later, Alvarez and his family decided to move down to their winter getaway vacation site in sunny Florida.


We are so lucky to have Fidel and his amazing cuisine in our community! 

CAFE HOURS:  Tuesday – Sunday 11:00am – 9:00pm.   Closed on Monday.

CAFE PHONE:  561-815-5060